Carrier Capability Statement

PON Projects are an Experienced Carrier Network Infrastructure Contractor !

PON Project’s technicians are highly experienced in all kinds of Telecommunication infrastructure, including copper and fibre optic cabling installation and associated services including Civil, Traffic Management. All PON Projects staff are Police checked, some staff are Defence checked, to work on public and secure networks. PON Projects have staff who are NBN trained (enAbled) and regularly work in exchange environments operated by likes of, Opticomm, NBN, Telstra & Vodafone.

Telstra TEBA Approved Contractors

When your company has a partnership with PON Projects, your company has engaged with a Telstra Exchange Building Access (TEBA) approved contractor. PON Projects have access to floor space and facilities such as security, electricity, cable trays and interconnection cables in Telstra exchange buildings and can install and maintain your carrier equipment.

Telstra Duct Access Approved Contractors

When your company has a partnership with PON Projects, your company has engaged with a Telstra Duct Access approved contractor. PON Projects have access to Telstra’s  extensive subterranean network to run your own cables & equipment and interconnection cables in Telstra exchange buildings and can install and maintain your carrier equipment.

PON Projects take Safety & Training Seriously


PON Projects staff excel in harsh environments. To keep our staff safe, they complete the following training courses and programs;

  • Confined Space Entry Training
  • Confined Space Rescue Training
  • Construction Card (White Card) Training
  • Defence Checks
  • First Aid Training
  • Gas Detection Training
  • National Police Checks
  • Operating Breathing Apparatus
  • NBN enAble Training
  • Telstra Site Induction Training

PON Projects Installing a Carrier Fibre Access Node (FAN), for a Residential Estate


PON Projects staff are carrier / NBN trained to install pit and pipe and carrier equipment according telecommunications drawings provided to them.

PON Projects Installing Carrier ODF for Residential Estate Slab Work.JPG

Step 1. This photo shows the PON Projects team having positioned all of the Carrier Roadside Network Infrastructure.

PON Projects Installing Carrier ODF for Residential Estate

Step 2. This photo shows all of the Carrier Network Equipment in its final position and PON Projects team installing the concrete slab.

PON Projects Installing Carrier Infrastructure


Step 1. PON Projects team co-ordinating the site wide telecommunications trenching.

Step 2. PON Projects team positioning and installing of all of the telecommunications pits.

Step 3. PON Projects team installing all of the telecommunications conduits alongside main roads.

Step 4. PON Projects team installing all of the telecommunications conduits between pits.

Step 5. PON Projects preparing the telecommunications conduits for back filling.

Step 6. PON Projects installing warning tape above  the telecommunications conduits.

Step 7. PON Projects installing protective gravel above the telecommunications conduits.

Step 8. Once the telecommunications pits are installed, protective red caps are installed by the PON Projects team to prevent the ingress of water.

Step 9. This photo shows the fibre entering the fibre splicing cassettes inside the telecommunications pit.

Step 10. Should the ground levels change after all of the telecommunications pit and pipe work has been completed, the PON Projects team can install a pit spacer and raise the telecommunications pit to the new ground level.

Step 11. Once all of the telecommunications pit and pipe work has been completed, the PON Projects team can fence of the completed work areas.

Step 12. The finished job.

This photo demonstrates the high quality workmanship by the PON Projects team.

PON Projects Have a Carrier Infrastructure Relocation Team


Step 1. Lend Lease asked PON Projects to relocate existing fibre and carrier infrastructure, due to site changes.

Step 2. This photo shows the PON Projects in action relocating live fibre connections and the conduits

Step 3. Job Finished. 

PON Projects have successfully relocated fibres and conduits for Lend Lease.

PON Projects Carry Out Carrier Infrastructure Audits


PON Projects can perform carry cabling audits, pit audits and carrier equipment audits and provide this information to end users and a major carriers.

PON Projects Can Test Your Mobile Phone Network Coverage

DAS walk testing

With the rapid growth of sensor & IoT networks, smart farming & cities, autonomous vehicles – on the ground & in the air, automated manufacturing & mining, and telemedicine & remote learning, there are now many more non-handset devices connecting to cellular RF networks than there are handsets.

Many of these devices support mission critical, and even life-saving services & products.  

And many are 100% dependant on cellular networks.

So, assuring consistent, high-quality cellular RF coverage everywhere these devices operate is no longer just a matter of customer convenience.  It’s very quickly becoming far more important than that.

And coverage can’t be assured unless it’s measured.  Quantitatively.  As extensively and as frequently as possible.

Sample testing, interpolation, desktop projections and crowd sourced data collection simply won’t cut it.  They can never give you the definitive coverage data you need, where you need it, to understand exactly what’s happening with your RF networks.

And you have to understand what your RF networks are doing everywhere before you can design, engineer & optimize them, and assure continuous high-quality RF coverage and quality.

PON Projects (a Comtex Group company) can help you and more importantly can test the mobile phone coverage in your current premises or proposed new building.

Kallo Monitoring

Cloud-platform, All measured RF data is uploaded to the cloud for long-term storage, processing and analysis.

So, at any time, and from any web-connected device, you can quickly scroll back to determine exactly what was happening with each of your monitored networks at any point in time.

PON Projects Install the CEL-Fi Mobile Phone Solutions Where Mobile Phone Coverage is Poor

The PON Projects CEL-Fi mobile phone solutions, aim to make a difference in people’s lives and ensure that they can communicate and be connected no matter where they may be.

In aged-care, doctors, medical support staff, patients and visitors are often reliant on Wi-Fi and mobile devices to communicate in case of emergencies.

Nextivity developed the award winning CEL-Fi products that optimize cellular and public safety coverage for aged-care,  enterprise, small business, residential, and transportation applications.

The Cel-Fi products are self-configuring, carrier-approved, and unconditionally network safe, leveraging the IntelliBoost chip-set to deliver the industry’s highest gain at the lowest cost per square foot. Globally the Cel-FI is approved by 200 carriers.

Whether it’s a CEL-Fi solution, Passive DAS or an Active DAS which can consist of multiple types of cabling including fibre, PON Projects (a Comtex Group company) has you covered.

PON Projects make Mobile & Wi-Fi Phone + Network Capacity Monitoring Possible

PON Projects have partnered with ranlytics and brought to the global market the first low-cost RF monitor that can be easily and quickly deployed at scale to continuously monitor the health of all available cellular, GRN (Government Radio Network) and Wi-Fi networks.

Helping you ensure service availability and optimal network performance when and where it matters most.

We combine Kallo™, the industry’s only single-device RF monitor capable of continuously monitoring all available 3G, 4G and 5G cellular bands for up to 8 operators, plus all available Wi-Fi networks, with rich cloud-based data processing and analysis, and our unique low-cost, zero-CAPEX commercial model.

Where can I use this?

1. As a property owner – you can prove to you tenants that you provide quality mobile phone service, therefore increase you return on investment.  

2. Cyber Security – can monitor your mobile phone network and notify you of Rogue DAS Cells. Perfect for Government Departments and Defence Agencies.

3. As a shopping center operator – it can help prevent a loss in sales due to no mobile phone coverage at the checkout.

Case Studies

The Australian Government in conjunction with Australia Post plan to use Australia Post trucks to find rural mobile coverage black-spots Australia wide. 

Labor’s policy would use data collected from the Australia Post trucks on coverage, call reliability and data availability for the three carriers – Optus, Telstra and Vodafone – to determine the best locations to upgrade.

A trial of similar technology is under way in Austria, using Austria Post’s 8,000 vehicles and technology supplied by ranlytics to measure 3G and 4G mobile connectivity on highways and main arterial roads, with plans to also test 5G.

Mobile coverage black-spots outside metropolitan areas were a key complaint to the 2021 regional telecommunications review. While telcos say 99.5% of the population are covered by mobile networks, this equates to just 33% of Australia’s land mass and the committee raised concerns about the accuracy of the measurement.

Be alerted to anomalies before they become problems.

Set RF performance thresholds that you want to be notified of – such as a drop of 10dbm in RSRP or Wi-Fi RSSI, or a change in PCI, or a change of 10dB in SiNR – and Kallo™ will automatically generate alerts if any of your threshold conditions are met.

You’ll know about network degradation’s or outages before your users or your staff !

PON Projects Sample List of Carrier Customers


Lend Lease
Vodaphone 2